One of the core areas that TPSC is involved is in providing consultancy services to the public for improved public service delivery, policy formulation and process re-engineering. The following are the key areas that the college is involved in consulting:

1. Strategic and Business Planning

2. Human Resource Development Plan

3. Performance Management Systems

4. Governance and good governance

5. Information and Communication Technology

6. Development of ICT and Web based Systems

7. Records and Archival Management

8. Development of Client Service charter

9. Internal Control and Fraud Detection

10. Risk Management

11. RecordsPractice baseline survey

12. PerformanceGap Analysis

13. OrganizationalStructure Review and Development of Schemes of Service

14. Development ofStrategic Plan ( Corporate Plan)

15. Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS

16. Policy formulation and reviews (including Regulatory Impact Assessment)

17. Process re-engineering including organizational and functional reviews

18. Training Needs Assessment

19. Financial Management –systems and methods

20. Curriculum Development (DACUM methodology)

21.Development of Organizational Human Resource Competence frame works

22. Job Analysis and Evaluation