TPSC Background

Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) was established in 2000 under the Executive Agencies Act № 30 of 1997. Its creation followed demand training facility for public service that resulted from the expanding Government operations and the changing needs of Public Services and implementation of the Public Service Reforms. This situation called for a training institution that was autonomous and economically vibrant Public Service College. TPSC functions became more important with the advent of the PublicService Reform Programme (PSRP) whose main aim was to transform the Public Service into an organ that has the capacity, systems and culture of offering customer-focused services, and a culture of continuously improving these services. Thus, the creation of TPSC was also seen as a handy facility for lending support to the PSRP in the sphere of training and development of Leadership, Managerial and Administrative capabilities for improved public service delivery.

TPSC operate in five campuses and namely TPSC Dar es Salaam Campus headed by Principal, TPSC Tabora headed by Compus Director, TPSC Mtwara headed by Compus Director, TPSC Singida headed by Compus Directors, TPSC Tanga headed by Campus Manager and TPSC Center for Graduate Studies headed by Director.