Tanga Campus

Who are we?

The Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) Tanga campus was established in July 2014, being the fourth campus to be established among the six campuses of TPSC. It’s establishment was a result of instructions issued by prime minister Hon. Mizengo Pinda on 23th November 2009 during inauguration of Tanzania Public Service College Mtwara Campus.

At the time of its establishment, it had only one academic programme (i.e. Basic Technician Certificate in Records Management), with 453 students and 9 instructors. At the moment the college has over 5 courses, with more than 50 instructors and over 1,600 students.

Where are we?

TPSC Tanga campus is located near by Main Bus Stand called Kange.


Campus Director,

Tanzania Public Service College

P.O. Box 1207


Tel: +255-252502627

Fax: +255-252502627

Email:: tanga@tpsc.go.tz

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