Tabora Campus

Who are We?

The Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) Tabora campus, popularly known as “Tabora Secretarial College” it is the second oldest campus after Dar es Salaam campus popularly “Civil Service Training Centre”. Tabora Secretarial College was established to fill the shortage of office staff, and especially Secretarial Staff during the post-independence days Tanzania. The construction of the college began in September, 1970 and completed and become operational on October, 1973. With four hostels blocks which accommodate up to 600 students, 300 men and 300 women, sports and recreational facilities.

In 2000 Tabora Secretarial College and Civil Service Training Center formed Tanzania Public Service College through Executive Agency Act no.7 of 2000.

At the time of its establishment, it had two 21 weeks terms per year, mainly focusing on Pre-Service and In-Service Stenography Courses with only 29 instructors. Currently, the campus has over 5 courses, with 23 permanent instructors and 21 part-time instructors and over 2563 students, pursuing certificate and diploma programmes.

Where are we?

Tanzania Public Service College Tabora campus is located along Itetemya Street in Kanyenye Ward, Tabora Municipality.


Campus Director,

Tanzania Public Service College

P.O. Box 329


Phone: +255 26 260 5387

Fax: +255 26 260 45 37


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